April 2021, 

3 Reasons You (Really) Need a Professional Headshot


Have you ever considered the reasons why you should have not only a headshot for your business, but a good professional headshot?

1.  Your online Presence IS Your Business

According to research by the ODM group, 74% of people use social media and online research to inform themselves before making purchases these days.   This includes everything from services to retail products.  Having an online presence is a must these days.   It shows potential clients who you are and what you have to offer.  A good headshot that captures your personality can help people make a connection with you before they even meet you. 

2.  A killer Professional Headshot is Perfect for Networking

Even before social media, a long term marketing strategy depends on a great network of relationships.  If you run any kind of business, leaving a good impression on someone is critical to networking.  Having a great professional headshot can help people remember you the next time they see you in person.  Don't rely on a selfie or that snapshot your friend took.   You want people to remember you as a confident professional in your business.   


3.  Stand Out From Your Competition

Whether you are in the business of legal services, real estate, consulting, retail, construction, or any service oriented business, chances are your field is loaded with competition.  Stand out from the crowd with a modern, responsive, mobile friendly website.  An authentic social media presence is also a must these days.  Great headshots of you and your team along with awesome branding images of your services and products will make you stand out from the crowd.  In this day and age, we have become visual shoppers whether we are shopping for a real estate agent or a new pair of shoes.  You wouldn't buy a poorly photographed pair of shoes off the interent so why would you want a poor Iphone photo of you and your employees to represent your business whether it's online or in print.

Do's and Don't for Professional Headshots

Do - Hire a professional.  Someone who specializes in the type of work you need for your brand.

Don't - Assume your friend with a camera that can take great wildlife photos can take a great well lite and well posed headshot.

Do - Put together a collection of headshots you like from the web.   Give them to your photographer with some clear direction to your  style.

Don't - Try to do it yourself with your phone (and apply those horrible filters)  Everyone, yes everyone, can tell the difference.

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